Friday, January 28, 2011

A Better Day

I'm tired of feeling so crappy all the time, so I'm doing something about it.  Yesterday I applied for 2 jobs & have an application to fill out for a 3rd!  Hopefully one of them will come through.  They are all retail jobs, but at least it's money coming in.

Today I made myself get up earlier than normal & got my workouts done.  Cardio & lift today!!  Then I actually took a shower did my hair & put makeup on.  Haven't done that in a while.  I normally just take my shower & let my hair air dry.  I don't go anywhere so why bother?  I haven't been going out anywhere at all.  I'm kind of isolating myself in the house with Rod & Jax.  I don't want to waste the gas to go anywhere, so I don't go.  It's not healthy.  

Today Jax, Livvi & I went to the library.  We had fun picking new books out to read & Jax picked a movie too.  Then I found a McDonald's gift card that had money on it!  So we stopped & had lunch & they had a play place so the kids played too.  It felt so good to be out.  I feel hopeful again.  

Jax is laying on the chair watching his new movie right now, he just told me he loves me & thanks for the movie Hearts  He's adorable.  Ty is getting ready to go camping for scouts, Livvi is excited for a Ty free weekend!  I'm gonna get some laundry done & snuggle a bit with Jaxie.  

It's been a better day

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