Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Right now we have 1 car & my hubby needs that one car to go to & from work.  Guess where that leaves me?  At home....stuck.  Ok, so it's not too terrible.  It's not that bad staying home all day, reading & playing with Jax.  But not being able to go out when I need to is a major pain.

Today Ty, the oldest, forgot I don't have access to a car & stayed after school.  After a moment of "he got kidnapped" panic, I started to try to find a way to pick him up.  Called some friends, but they didn't answer their phones.  Called a bunch of cab companies, but they weren't local & couldn't get to me until 6pm!  Finally, in desperation, I called one of my friends back & he answered!!  He was able to pick Ty up.  Thank goodness because I don't know what else I would've done.  Ty had to sit outside in the cold & snow for over an our.  Apt punishment I think.  Maybe that will help him to remember to be more responsible!

We have got to solve our one car problem...and soon!!

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