Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Can A Mom be Sick??

As a mom, I know that the majority of everything lands in my lap.  I'm ok with that, heck I embrace that!  There is only one time when I wish it to be different.  When I'm sick.  I don't get sick often, but when I do, I'm out of commision for a couple of days.  I resurfaced for a bit yesterday to find dirty dishes piled in the sink, spills on the floor that were never cleaned up & toys every where!  My hubby & son were busy playing Black Ops.  I went back to bed Disappointed 2

It makes me laugh that Dad is up & about the house but all 3 kids come to me & ask me random questions, or for food, or for help with something.  They will even wake me if I'm sleeping!!  Am I raising really obnoxious, unsympathetic kids?  Or do they depend on me too much?  Maybe both??  Even worse is when my husband comes to me & asks what's for dinner!!  

Now that I'm feeling better, I hope that I can do some fun stuff with the kids that doesn't involve video games or a whole lotta money!  I'm thinking maybe bowling or the Bounce U that is near here.

Need to get my fitness back on track too.  Haven't worked out in a month...Not Good.  I'm gonna get up & do some yoga followed by cardio in the morning.  I love working out first thing in the morning & getting it over with!

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