Thursday, December 16, 2010

Almost Christmas & Really Not Ready!

9 more days until Christmas & I have ONE gift bought. Yikes!! This year I swear I'm not procrastinating! This year is solely a money issue or lack of money issue. It's been a rough year for us, but it's getting better. Just took us a lot longer than I thought. So, anyway here I am last minute shopping on a really tight budget hoping I can get what I need. Should be an adventure!! I will be armed with a very detailed list & hope I won't have to go to many stores.

Thankfully the house is as decorated as I can get it and the kids don't seem to notice a big difference. Jax, my 3 year old, is super excited and tells anyone who will listen that Santa is going to bring him choo choo trains & a tool box. I love it! He also is learning to sing jingle bells. How cute are little kids around the holidays? I think my 11 year old is getting suspicious about Santa. She keeps asking me if he is real. I'm at a loss. I really want her to keep that childhood belief for a while longer. Is it too much to ask for her to stay my little girl?? Some day I need to let her grow up a bit. Maybe this is the year?

Despite some of the obsticals we've had to overcome I'm excited about Christmas. I know that we will be able to pull it together. It may be last minute, but I will make sure it's as fun & magical & special as I always do!!

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