Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Still here

Things have not been all that cheery here, sad to say.  Last week with all the snow & ice, the kids were home all week.  The house is small & although I tried to find fun things to do, well, lets just say we all can get on each others nerves!  I was so glad they went back to school Monday!!

This week Jax & I are all about Hearts & Love.  Although Valentines Day is not really a holiday we celebrate ~ the hubby & I don't exchange gifts or anything ~ I do try to make it special for the kids.  This year we are seriously short on funds so I'm gonna have to use my imagination!!  Just a little something to remind them how special I think they are  Changing Color Heart  Jax has been working on a Valentine for his friend "Small Olivia" as well as James & his new friend John.  Maybe a couple other super special people too!

Jax is all about his imagination these days.  Since I seem to be his main playmate these days, that means I am too.  We have gone camping ~ tent, fire, s'mores the whole bit!  Didn't sleep all that well that night Dismay We have played pirates ~ I was the bad guy.  We had fun saying "Arghh!!" over & over.  If the snow, ice & freezing temps wasn't incentive enough, the endless games of Batman, cars & all the pretend food I've had to eat is making me desperate for Spring so we can play outside again!!

The BIG news in our house this week is....our oldest, Ty, has his first girlfriend!!  I'm happy for him, but, oh my gosh at the same time.  Had to remind him how to treat a girl, what kind of behavior we expect from him & some ground rules (like NO 1 on 1 dating!!)  Can I tell you, he really loved that conversation!

On another note, I applied for yet another job, but this one actually looks like it may happen.  So keep your fingers crossed for me, cause heaven knows I really need this job!

I'm off to prep for tomorrows activities.  Lots of hearts to cut out!!

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